DB.KINNEY is a CT-based rock group performing an energetic yet tastefully crafted song mix with a rich sound that will leave listeners with a satisfying rock experience.

Vocals and guitar – DB’s eclectic musical tastes transcends the mundane into a energetically charged yet dynamically heart-felt rock performance. DB has performed in numerous bands and venues throughout New England. Thrashed hardcore clubs with the Nice Young Men, sung rock with Bungalow Decoy, took the blues to Mars with the XY ELI Band and ripped straight-head rock with, Globe Hollow. 

Drummer – Brandon Novak has been hitting the skins since he was a small child and has been performing in CT bands ever since.Touring with the Coyote River Band and the Steve Dunn Acoustic Trio. Brandon met DB as a new addition to the band, Globe Hollow. Brandon now brings his professionalism, strong sense of rhythm and wealth of experience that rounds out the DB.KINNEY sound.

Bassist and backing vocals – Hish or “the Hish”, is an experienced eclectic player with his fingers in many stylings. His solid disciplined bass work pays-off in his energetic live performances with DB.KINNEY.